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The third Annual Meeting of the Multifaceted CaSR ITN

The third Annual Meeting of our ITN took place in Macclesfield on the 12th and 13th of December 2013. It was hosted by Dr Sally Price of Astra Zeneca. It was a very successful meeting.

Before the meeting, for three days, courses were held for the ESRs. There was one on Management Systems that are compatible with International Standards. Another one was held on Internal Auditing of Management Systems. A number of the AZ specialists held technical courses relating to the work taking place at the Research Establishment of AZ at Alderley Park. AZ’s resident scientists held a course on Preclinical drug safety, and another on Histopathology. Equipment supporting this work and used in the laboratories was shown (presented) too.

Prof. Alan Clarke, as an invited speaker from Cardiff University and Director of the European Cancer Stem Cell Institute, reviewed in a very interesting presentation the topic of “ Wnt pathway modulation: consequences for stem cells and cancer”.

Prof. Alan Clarke being introduced by Dr. Sally Price

Another invited speaker was Dr Donald Ward of Manchester University. He reviewed his department’s work on the Calcium-sensing Receptor and how that dovetails into the work of the ESRs of our ITN.

Dr. Donald Ward talking about a topic close to the heart of all present.

Prof. Enikő Kállay, the Coordinator of the ITN summarised the progress of our ITN, and indicated that all was developing as it should.

The heads of the Work Packages reviewed the results of their respective Work Packages.

During the two days of the Annual Meeting all the ESRs presented their work in detail, and their presentations were discussed thoroughly. The scientific sessions were chaired by the ESRs. The “Visiting Scientists” of our ITN (Ed Brown and Arthur Conigrave) were there too, and asked many searching and testing, yet helpful questions that did not only plumbed the knowledge that the ESRs have amassed, but helped to confirm future research directions too. Dr Ward, Prof Brown, Prof Conigrave, together with the former ER of the ITN, Sarah Brennan, formed a jury that gave valuable feedback to the ESRs regarding their research, and presentation skills.

ESRs at the presentational session of the Annual Meeting

One of our Visiting Scientists, Prof. Arthur Conigrave presenting his and his laboratory’s work at the University of Sydney (AUS).

The Steering Board held its annual meeting, reviewed the events of the past year. All were found satisfactory. The Coordinator was thanked and congratulated upon her ceaseless work for the success of the ITN.

The ESRs have held their meeting as well, and gave feedback to the Steering Board on the Multifaceted-CaSR – specific Training Programme. They made some valuable recommendations that are now being considered by the Steering Board for possible implementation now, or in the future for similar ITN-like programmes.

Members of the ITN, with some visitors present as well.

To seal the success of the Annual Meeting a fare well dinner was held, in a Christmassy mood. It was also used to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the first publication (in Nature) of the cloning of the CaSR by Prof Ed Brown and colleagues, among them Daniela Riccardi, the PI from Cardiff University. Prof Ed Brown is one of the Visiting Scientists in our ITN whose contribution is continual, thus he was present at this dinner. Andrew proposed a surprise toast to celebrate Prof Ed Brown and his Anniversary. This was received with enormous enthusiasm by all present.

Prof Ed Brown responding to the toast celebrating him on the occasion of his Anniversary.

(Andrew Hollo-Tas)

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Work Package Meeting of the Cancer & Signalling WP in Vienna

WP Meeting of the Cancer & Signalling Work Package took place in Vienna on the 5th and 6th of July 2013. It was attended by all the ESRs of the WP, namely Susanne from Amsterdam, Ursula from Amiens, Rita from Florence, Ira, Sama, and Abhishek from Vienna. PIs representing the Centres (some via Skype), and Prof. Dr. Arthur Conigrave (Visiting Scientist and member of the Advisory Board) were also present.

Invited Post Graduate members from Florence (Sergio) and from Vienna (Julia, Charlotte) were also attending.

The main objective of the meeting was to review the state of the ESRs research projects, their progress, the results, the technical and theoretical problems that they have encountered, the solutions found, or were under development. Discussions were initiated by the well constructed and detailed presentations that the ESRs have made.

It was pleasing to see the developments that the ESRs demonstrated by their results, their depth of understanding of the problems that they have encountered, and the understanding that they had not only of their own project, but of their colleagues’ also.

(Andrew Hollo-Tas)

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Vienna’s ESRs organised the 9th YSA Symposium

All three ESRs from Vienna were elected to be members of the Board of the Young Scientists Association at the Medical University of Vienna: Abhishek (Vice President), Sama (Secretary), Ira (Workshop Coordinator). Interestingly, another two PhD students from the same research group are on the Board as well. (

Prof. Arthur Conigrave making his keynote presentation

One of the most important activities of the YSA is to organize every year a PhD Symposium. The 9th YSA-PhD-Symposium at the Medical University of Vienna was held on the 19-20th of June 2013. Prof. Arthur Conigrave (our Visiting Scientist and Advisory Board member) accepted the invitation of the YSA to be one of the keynote speakers at this Symposium. The Symposium was a great success, 348 abstracts from 6 countries were submitted for oral or poster presentations. The effort of the participants was rewarded with 18 oral presentation awards, 21 poster awards and one publication award.

Eniko and Arthur at the Symposium. (Ira, one of the organizers, standing) - Arthur (his back to the camera) at the Dinner organized by the YSA for all participants.

(Andrew Hollo-Tas)


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Meeting with Prof. Gerda Breitwieser

While Enikő and her PhD students were in Washington DC for the Annual Meeting of AACR, Prof. Gerda Breitwieser, the well-known and highly respected CaSR researcher, visited them for a consultation session. Gerda has already had the opportunity to be impressed with our ESRs during their performance at our Second Annual Meeting and CaSR Symposium held last November in Vienna.


In the back: Enikő and Doris - in the front, L to R: Sama (ESR), Gerda, Ira (ESR), Abhishek (ESR), and Julia

Wide ranging science discussions that were planned for just one afternoon were enjoyed so much by all, that they run well into the night.


Gerda (on the left), in discussion with Enikő’s ESRs and other PhD students at their Washington DC accommodation. These scientists of the future appreciated greatly Gerda’s generosity in coming to see them and spending time with them. It was also a very valuable “networking” session for them.

(Andrew Hollo-Tas)



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